1st – Planning

  1. Steps in a Guided Reading Lesson
  2. Guided Reading Rubric
  3. 6 Dimensions of Fluency
  4. Guided Reading Group Plan Template
  5. Checklist of Behaviors to Notice, Teach, and Support by Level
  6. Intermediate Guided Reading Group Plan Template
  7. Guided Reading Log/Anecdotal Notes
  8. F&P Style Informational Questioning Stems
  9. F&P Style Literature Questioning Stems
  10. F & P Questioning Stems by Level
  11. Fluency Poster
  12. Informative/Explanatory Text Structures
  13. Informative/Explanatory Text Features
  14. Lexile Search Site
  15. Guided Reading Level Spectrum
  16. Lexile Grade Level Bands
  17. Approximate Text Level Conversions   
  18. Checklist for Level A Books   Checklist for Level B Books