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3rd – Spelling

“Spelling” is more than a skill for writing. Spelling knowledge also underlies the ability to read words.

Words Their Way Information –

Developmental Stages WordWhackWhoa Gameboard WordO Gameboard
Word Sorts to Print Learning High Frequency Words Week Worth of Sorts
Blank Sort to Create your Own  Making Words

Sorts:Closed Card Sort  students are asked to sort content into predefined categories.
An Open Card Sort students are asked to sort content into categories of their own definition.

Create Bingo cards Flash cards 3rd Grade Greek & Latin words and definitions
Six Syllable Types and Syllable Patterns Poster Greek & Latin Roots Word List by Phonetic Pattern
Word Lists for all Roots  Six Syllable Types  Word List Generator

Spelling Game Web Sites:

Spelling Games Aquarium Site

Eduplace (Spelling)

Eduplace (Spelling and Vocabulary)

Education World – Spice up your spelling

Vocabulary Spelling City   (some free)

Commercial Word Games – Boggle, Scrabble, Take a Letter

On Line Game Templates – Jeopardy pptWheel of FortuneConcentrationTic-Tac-Toe