4th – Standards/Framework

Year at a Glance 2016
Week at a Glance 2016
1.  ELA  Mastery Checklist
2. ELA Checklist with "I Can" Statements
3. Curriculum Flow Chart 8 1/2 x 11
4.  ELA  Flow Chart Colored 11x 14
5.  Phonics Word Study Scope and Sequence
6.  Science Standards
7.  Science Lesson Resources
8.  Social Studies Standards
9. Social Studies Lesson Resources
10.  All other Standard










K-6 Comprehension flow charts
Reading Literature (RL) K-6
Reading Informational (RI) K-6
Writing (W) K-6
Reading Foundational (RF) K-6
Language (L) K-6
Speaking and Listening (SL) K-6
All Utah Core Standards
1.  JSD Literacy Block Outline
2.  1-6 Recommended Daily Schedule
3.  Jordan School District MTSS Model