5th Information about Shared/Close Reading

Shared Reading Close Reading
  1. Shared Reading to Writing Template
  2. Simplified Shared or Close Reading to Writing Template
  3.  Shared Reading is..
  4.  Shared Reading PPT
  5.  Shared Reading Frayer
  6.  Shared Reading Videos
  7.  Shared Reading Informational Questioning Stems
  8.  Shared Reading Literature Questioning Stems
  9.  Monitored Independent Reading
  10. Interactive Read Alouds
  11. Lexile Level Search
  12. Lexile Grade Level Bands
  13. Jordan Recommended Book List (April 2016)
  1. Close Reading to Writing Template
  2. What is a Close Reading ?
  3. Close Reading PPT
  4. Close Reading Video
  5. Prompts for Text Dependent Questions
  6. Close Reading Annotation Marks(sample)
  7. Steps in a Close Reading Lesson

District also offers through JPLS an on-line class called close reading