5th – Standards/Framework

Year at a Glance 2016
Week at a Glance 2016

1.  ELA Standards Mastery Check List
2.  ELA Mastery Check List with "I Can" Statements
3.  ELA Flow Chart 8 1/2 X 11 
4.  ELA Curriculum Flow Chart 11 x 14
5.  Phonics Word Study Scope and Sequence
6. Science Standards

7.Science Standards lessons
8.  Social Studies Standards
9. Social Studies lessons
10.  All other Standards
Elementary Fine Arts



K-6 Comprehension flow charts
Reading Literature (RL) K-6
Reading Informational (RI) K-6
Writing (W) K-6
Reading Foundational (RF) K-6
Language (L) K-6
Speaking and Listening (SL) K-6
Utah Language Arts and Literacy Standards in
History/Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects
1.  JSD Literacy Block Outline
2.1-6 Recommended Daily Schedule
3.  Jordan School District MTSS Model