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Monitored Independent Reading

During MIR students silently read leveled books that are at their independent reading level. Depending on their grade and ability level they can read for 20-30 minutes a day. As the student reads, the teacher walks around and listens to 3-5 students read each day. Teachers has the opportunity to listen to the student read, assessing how the student is applying the reading strategies/behaviors taught using checklists, rubrics, or anecdotal notes. Students can complete extension activities or response notebooks as part of a literacy center.

To be successful in MIR three factors must be considered:

  1. Student engagement and attitudes towards reading
  2. Reading Behaviors
  3. Accountability

Teachers need to teach these elements to make MIR successful.

  1. Choice – how to choose the right kinds of books
  2. Strategies – reading strategies
  3. Time – provide ample amounts of time to read
  4. Goal – reason for reading and accountability