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J Level Books

  1. Rosa Parks (2nd, 3rd, 4th)        Rosa Parks Phonics                  Rosa Parks Venn Diagram
  2. Froggy Learns to Swim    (2nd Froggy Chart                            Froggy Chart Answers
  3. My Town    (2nd, 3rd)               My Town Compound            My Town Fiction Cards
  4. Four Faces                                Four Faces Big Syllables           Four Faces Syllables

Four Faces Facts                           Four Faces Syllable Cards

  1. My Neighborhood                     My Neighborhood Phonics      My Neighborhood Magazine
  2. Thirsty Moose    (2nd)              Thirsty Moose Writing
  3. Matthew's Tantrum                  Matthew's Adverbs                   Matthew's Emotions

Matthew's Cause & Effect

  1. Toby & the Accident (2nd)        Toby Past & Present              Toby Past & Present Key

Toby Pictures                           Toby Firefighters                   

  1. City Mouse Country Mouse       City Mouse Diagram             City Mouse Syllables