L Level Books

  1. A Day in Town                            A Day in Town Saturday                       A Day in Town Sequence
  2. Communities   (2nd, 3rd)            Communities Making Words                     Communities Worksheet
  3. Drought Maker                          Drought Maker parent note
  4. I Live in the Rockies(2nd,3rd, 4th) I Live in the Rockies Worksheet           I Live Rockies Riddles

I Live Rockies Riddles #2

  1. Tops and Bottoms (2nd, 3rd)     Tops and Bottoms Writing
  2. From Slave to Cowboy (4th, 5th) From Slave to Cowboy-timeline               Slave-timeline cutouts
  3. Where in the West?                   Where in the West -er -est                         Where in the West - Adj           Where in the West pictures
  4. Pioneer Families              Pioneer Families Then & Now 
  5. Dangerous Drought (2nd, 3rd, 4th) Dangerous Drought Main Idea