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N Level Books

  1. Great Aunt Chip(3rd, 4th, 5th)    Aunt Chips Letter
  2. Uncle Willie ( 3rd)                      Uncle Willie Vocabulary
  3. Lily and Miss Liberty(3rd, 5th)   Lily Inference Page
  4. Time Lines   (3rd)                      Time Lines Parents                   Time Lines- Student Time Line
  5. Picnic                      Picnic Relative Quote                   Picnic- No Quotations                Picnic - list
  6. Sitting Bull   (3rd)                       Sitting Bull ABC Book               Sitting Bull ABC sign-up    Sitting Bull ABC Word list                                                      Sitting Bull Sample Page
  7. Statue of Liberty (3rd, 5th)          Statue - Main Idea Details            Statue - Compound Words    Statue - Knew/New/Q
  8. Native Americans Told Us So  Native American Recording Sheet    Native American Riddle
  9. All Kinds of Maps                     Maps Long o Sort                         Maps Main Idea
  10. Westlandia(3rd, 6th)