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Our Team

Shelley Nordick Administrator of Curriculum and Staff Development
Michelle Lovell Elementary Literacy Consultant 801-567-8087
Lucy Bateman Program Secretary 801-567-8334
Laury Finch Elementary Literacy Staff Developer 801-567-8244
Sara Holt Elementary Literacy Staff Developer 801-567-8127
Bev Griffith Elementary Literacy Staff Developer 
Jennifer Black Elementary Literacy Staff Developer 
Bonnie Lougy  Elementary Literacy Staff Developer 
Camille Osborn Elementary Literacy Staff Developer
Beth Parson Elementary Literacy Staff Developer 
Timothy Pluta Elementary Literacy Staff Developer 
Wendy Pollard Taylor Elementary Literacy Staff Developer  
Ginny Raiser Elementary Literacy Staff Developer
Connie Roe Elementary Literacy Staff Developer 
Andrea Warren Elementary Literacy Staff Developer
Baylee Lansford Elementary Literacy 
Staff Developer
Lynette Jorgensen Elementary Literacy 
Staff Developer 
Natalie Walker Elementary Literacy 
Staff Developer
Karen Walter Elementary Literacy 
Staff Developer
Megan Loveless Elementary Literacy 
Staff Developer
Joann Gibson Elementary Literacy
Staff Developer
Beth Pollock Elementary Literacy Staff Developer







Bonnie Muir Technology Specialist 801-567-8726