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"As all of you know, I have championed American Teachers as some of the finest people that walk this earth. These individuals care deeply about children that are not their own. While at the same time they are mothers and fathers to their own families and most certainly must be as concerned as all of us, where their next paycheck is coming from, where their next meal is coming from and if they get sick will there be a hospital with space to treat them and all the bills that are piling up when there appears to be no solution as to how we are going to continue to live. In the face of all of this they are offering to their students the greatest gift that God bestows on we humans…the gift of Hope. So, thank you my dears and know this…that you are the stalwart heroes that are standing between us and the collapse of our society. Thank you for your belief in humanity and thank you for being a shining example to your students of what hope and optimism are about". ~ Patricia Pollacco