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Online Student Journals – A Way to Stay Connected

Check out this 4th grade teacher from Golden Fields Elementary and how she's using online journaling to stay connected to her students. She created an assignment in her Google Classroom where she attached a Google Doc for each student. From there she listed out the days she knew we would be out of school and a prompt for each day. The kids then type in their journal response for each day.

"I have set up an online planner, my students are used to writing in their planners to inform their family what they learned, and how their day was, it is their chance to journal. Instead of writing to their parents online, their job is to write to me. put up some prompts, but mostly, I want them to have a place to ask questions, update me on their progress (accountability) and a reminder that there is someone outside of their home that cares about them. I have been responding throughout each day. I will be contacting parents tonight, for any students that haven't made an entry by the end of the school day today." ~Tammy Schaetz, 4th Grade teacher