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These Teachers (and Students) Rocked the First Week of Online School

On Monday, Teammates Angie Drope and Sarah Chugg from Columbia Elementary spent three hours driving around together to their collective 50 students' homes to put signs in their front yards, front steps, on bikes, and on porches. They have been flooded with grateful, teary-eyed parent messages. They tried to be sneaky, but got busted a few times. It was time well spent for them and the kids. They sure miss them terribly. These signs lifted the spirits of the parents and kids at home. What are some ways you're finding to keep your students' spirits high especially with the news of longer dismissal?


Quotes from parents:

"We LOVED the sign in front of our home!!! That was the sweetest thing and really lifted our spirits: Thank you! My daughter is missing you and her classmates and working diligently right now! She wanted to put it next to her desk right away! Your sign made us misty eyed! Thank you again sooo much! That was just above and beyond."

"We appreciate you so much! I swear! We are so blessed to have you in our lives".

"My daughter was so excited! She wished she were home to give you a big hug!!"

"Que hermosa atencion para sus alumnos lo recordaran por siempre"