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More Advice For Online Teaching

"My advice for teachers taking the digital leap is to KEEP IT SIMPLE. The problems we are running into is parents not reading the directions and struggling with too many logins. So, we have uploaded lots of resources and videos and things they can just click and watch without logging in. There are so many free programs right now, but they all require a login that we haven't really taken advantage of them.

The other thing is to BE REALISTIC about the things we can control, we can check in and support our parents, but the reality is we can't make them do it or not do the work for the kids. So we just try to put up a few activities for each day. Keeping in mind that 1) we are half day (Kindergarten) so no more than an hour's worth of stuff total, 2) parents are still working and doing online stuff with multiple kids. We want to be the class that gives them the least amount of stress!!"
-Amy Vodeboncoeuer, Midas Creek Elementary